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As a family-owned business and service provider, we accept our responsibility for sustainable development. Through sustainable action, we create a healthy foundation for future generations.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We believe corporate social responsibility is more than just a means to an end. Our everyday work revolves around people, so we at Piening Personal make social engagement a top priority.

Our growth is not at the expense of our ecological or social environment. Piening stands for long-term, stable development: economically solid, ecologically focused, and socially engaged. In this way, we help create a liveable future for the generations to follow. We base our actions on the UN sustainability targets, and focus our activities on the following goals: high-quality education, gender equity, humane work and economic growth, less inequality and climate protection measures.

How do we live out CSR?

We live out CSR through social and ecological engagement and economic sustainability, since as an equity-financed company, we are not subject to the need to maximize short-term profits. Instead, we focus on sustainable development.


  • Diverse continued training and educational programmes
  • Mobile work
  • Company health programmes
  • Benefits 
  • Equity & diversity (Piening is a signatory of the Diversity Charter – For diversity in work)


  • Support for students via the OWL scholarship fund
  • Support of the professorship in “Management of family companies” at the University of Bielefeld
  • Training over 10 apprentices per year (multiple awards from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce)


  • Energy audit
  • 100% green power used across Germany
  • Internal company photovoltaic system and e-charging stations
  • Expansion of e-mobility for company vehicles