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People in focus

As a family-owned business, our corporate philosophy is not only important to us, but also firmly anchored in our values-based management principles and in our culture.

We highly value trust and appreciation towards our customers and employees. We are aware of our comprehensive responsibility for our employees, and invest continuously in their further education. Our actions are governed by the law in every respect.

We move people, people move us.

Our values


For us, fairness means that agreements and rules apply to everyone, regardless of their position within the company. Fairness shapes our collaboration, both in the company and towards our business partners and the public.

We treat our employees justly and as our partners by setting the same standards for everyone – including ourselves – and taking inequality into consideration where appropriate. We do not exploit our superior position.


At our company, sustainability means doing everything we can to ensure security and ongoing success in the future. Because of this, we ensure our employees receive continuous ongoing education, promote work satisfaction and health, build stable relationships, and create resilient corporate structures.

We act in a predictable manner towards one another, our employees, customers and partners by consistently complying with our corporate philosophy and objectives.


We believe that responsibility means: We act and make decisions in a clear, committed, and autonomous manner; we support our employees in their work and take responsibility for the consequences of our actions. We weigh the potential consequences of our actions for the company, employees, customers and society as a whole.

We stand by our decisions and agreements. Even if our decisions or actions prove to be incorrect, we take responsibility. We consistently understand and utilise errors as opportunities to learn. We are always aware of our position as a role model.


For our company, trust means entrusting our employees with independent work and giving them room to make decisions and take action. We recognise their skills.

Everyone has the opportunity to learn from errors. We justify the trust placed in us by communicating in an open and honest manner, being loyal to the company, our colleagues and employees, and ensuring they can rely on our commitments and agreements. This also applies in our relationships with customers and partners.


We believe that appreciation means recognising the individuality and worth of each individual, regardless of their position. We value all of our employees, business partners, and customers, and act in a polite and respectful manner towards them. We engage in discussion with true interest, listen actively, show empathy and understanding.

As managers, we ensure our criticisms are constructive, and that we clearly express deserved thanks and praise. We respect and implement the values entrusted to us.


At our company, performance means that each manager and employee works to their full potential each and every day to achieve Piening’s corporate targets, to promote Piening's reputation, and to achieve good corporate results. This includes a personal commitment by each individual to ensure quality, work towards the highest customer and employee satisfaction, and act and think with the company's best interests in mined.

We are aware that the company's overall performance is the sum of each individual's performance, and that each and every one of us are important in this respect. 

Code of Conduct

As a family-owned business, we consider our corporate philosophy to be not only mandatory and important, but also anchored in our company, our values, and our principles.

Our Code of Conduct sets forth the conduct and ethical principles that govern our corporate actions.

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