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International recruiting

Are you open to employees from other countries?

In many places, the applicant market is barren, and companies’ needs cannot be met, or can be met only at great expense. That is why Piening Personal has been utilising international recruitment successfully for over ten years. We recruit workers with different qualifications from abroad for our clients.

Our recruiting teams are specialised in individual countries, speak their national languages, and understand the needs of workers in depth. Our goal is not only to find workers for the German labour market, but above all to make their assignments at our client a success.


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International recruiting

We offer our customers a variety of solutions:

With our experienced recruitment specialists for international professionals, we appeal to people in other EU countries who have not yet been able to access the German labour market the way they wanted to, and who want to permanently move to Germany. We serve as the link between applicants and clients’ companies. Our recruiting teams speak a variety of languages as their native languages, allowing them to resolve potential roadblocks before the first assignment, and best utilise the candidates’ professional qualifications.

The teams support applicants throughout the process, from hiring to organising housing and onboarding. We also review all legal framework conditions for you, so that you can hire your new employees in accordance with the law.

Qualified and mobile trade professionals are available in our assembly area specialist pool for assignments in specific regions, nationwide, or across Europe. They can be used on a flexible basis with employee leasing. Assembly personnel offer high flexibility for changing work locations.

In addition, the assembly area offers models for permanently hiring specialists from abroad, including a relocation service. Please get in touch with us. We will be happy to advise you.