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LD logistics services

Does your company have a few areas outside of your core business that take up lots of staffing resources? Then LD logistics services can support you with our in-house outsourcing solutions.

LD logistics services is the right partner in particular for production companies in international plant logistics for industrial customers.  Instead of classic employee leasing, we handle clearly defined, staffing intensive work areas based on a work or service contract. This allows you to make your internal processes more efficient and flexible, while keeping staffing expenditures outside of your core business low.

The unique thing about this arrangement is that logistics services is subject to the logistics collective bargaining agreement VVWL (Transport and Logistics Association). Compared to significant rates of increase in industry surcharges, this helps reduce pricing levels for our clients, which is a clear competitive advantage. Our employees benefit from attractive salary and wage structures in a nationally recognised regional collective agreement.

LD logistics is a 100 percent subsidiary of Piening GmbH but has its own staffing resources who are hired exclusively in work and service agreements. Employee leasing is used to cover any need for flexibility.

Transparent compensation is important to us. Because of this, all deployed employees (whether as primary or temporary staff), are compensated based on the VVWL collective agreement and pursuant to equal pay principles.

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