Benefits and advanced training

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Your benefits at Piening

Piening offers you more than just a large selection of job vacancies: Our framework conditions are impressive as well. Take a look at the employee benefits and advanced training opportunities available at Piening.

What benefits do we offer?

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Personal HR consultant on site and in department

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Contact with many customers all over Germany

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Workers entering or re-entering the workforce

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Vacation and Christmas pay

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Corporate benefits

Advanced training at Piening

Training or professional qualification is the best path to good career prospects and interesting assignment options. Because of this, we support the advanced training of our employees alongside partners and client companies.

In addition to training programmes offered through Piening, we also connect workers with online trainings, like language courses.

Start your career with a qualification

Helping people who have been unemployed to find permanent employment is a key focus at our company. Because of this, we cooperate with training providers on local projects to qualify or retrain participants, so they can try out their theoretical knowledge in practice.

Qualification for client assignments

If applicants or employees are lacking some qualifications for an assignment at a client, they can receive targeted qualifications in advance in coordination with our client company.

Learning on the job

Have you already completed a qualification or training programme, and want to apply your new knowledge to a new job? We are happy to assist you in finding new professional challenges.