Staffing recruitment at Piening

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Your new job – at one of our client companies

Let us recruit you for a new job at major companies for direct hire. No marathon of job applications necessary, and free of charge for you.

Take the first step, and submit your CV. We will find just the right job vacancies to match your profile.

As a recruitment agency with a large network of clients, we maintain close contact with a wide range of companies in many different industries. That is why we are able to open so many doors for you with just one application – no matter your field.

Staffing recruitment is free of charge for our applicants. You will sign your employment contract directly with your new employer.

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How does staffing recruitment with Piening work?

  • You send us your application once, free of charge.
  • We compare your profile with open and suitable job vacancies in our network.
  • If we find a job that matches your profile, we will suggest it to you. We act as a recruiter, and our suggestions are non-binding.
  • We support and advise you throughout the entire application process. We introduce you to your potential employer, and prepare you for the interview.
  • If you come to an agreement with our client company, you sign your employment contract directly with your new employer.


Advantages of staffing recruitment with Piening

  • Just one application, many open doors: Save yourself the application marathon, writing cover letters and submitting CVs over and over again. Send us your application documents once, and we will prepare them for our clients.
  • Hidden job market: Access to exclusive job vacancies and Piening's extensive network.
  • Support and coaching: Piening supports you throughout the application process, and coaches you for your interview.
  • Amazingly simple: Staff recruiting is simple and free of charge for you.