Temporary employment at Piening

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Diverse jobs and development opportunities

Piening offers you a wide range of temporary jobs to choose from. No matter what field you would like to work in, and where your talents lie – we have the right job for you. We cover almost every field, across a range of professional sectors, industries, and levels of qualification. Quick and straightforward – just get in touch with us to discuss your custom-selected job opportunities in employee leasing.

Flexibility and variety

We are a temporary employment firm, and offer our employees flexibility and a wide variety of jobs. At Piening, you can submit just one application and have the opportunity to gain practical experience in many different areas and industries, without having to apply again every time. Temporary work is perfect for anyone looking to gain perspective on the labour market, or who likes variety in their work. It is also a great choice for people who otherwise have less access to the labour market – temporary employment is a great way to get started on the job market. Employees who do a good job have an excellent chance of being hired on by the client company.

Fair and reliable payment

Payment provided to our employees is regulated 100% by collective bargaining agreements. Piening's Managing Director Holger Piening has been advocating for collectively bargained wages and fair compensation for temporary workers in the iGZ association for many years. Wages are always determined based on the sector in question, qualifications, and hours worked. If a certain type of work is in higher demand, payment is above the collectively bargained levels and bonuses may be available. Did you know that the minimum wage for temporary work is higher than the statutory rate?

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The fastest way to find a job

What's the biggest advantage of temporary work? Exactly. Speed. At Piening, your path to a new job is quick and easy. Unemployed today – in a secure employment relationship tomorrow. At Piening, it happens every day.